Field of Valor

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Over a thousand flags planted securely at Handy Park in the city of Orange honored veterans and active members of the military. Coupled with a setting sun created an ethereal glow across the red, white and blue fabric of the featured Field of Valor.

The Field of Valor briefly transformed the park into a patriotic display and place for peaceful reflection. Coordinated by the three-year-old organization, Community Foundation of Orange, officially stated there were a total of 1776 U.S. flags in tribute to military service members past and present.

Within the center of the Field of Valor, included a circle of flags which represented each branch of the military along with the M.I.A./P.O.W. flag. The four sections around the circle were rows of U.S. flags in honor of serving members and in memory of those who have served.

A laminated card attached to each flag identified the honored along with their accomplishments and sacrifice. The tag appended included the story of a veteran. Each tag was color-coded to recognize veterans current duty status: yellow returned home alive; blue for Medal of Honor recipient; purple for Purple Heart recipient; white for prisoners of war returned home; black for killed in action, missing in action, or P.O.W.; and red/white/blue for active duty.

A military bugle known as Taps played at dusk during flag ceremonies and at military funerals, was as a solemn reminder for visitors to stop in their paths and reflect.

The Field of Valor in Orange is still on display through Sunday, November 12, 2017, during park hours. The formal closing ceremony was today on Veterans’ Day, Saturday, November 11th, at 4:45 pm, but that should not deter you from attending tomorrow.

For more information on this and other events hosted by Community Foundation of Orange, please visit their website at

Field of Valor

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